How to Celebrate Safe Diwali | 10 Useful Tips for your Happy Diwali


Every person must know how to celebrate safe Diwali and Healthy Diwali without any harm and pollution. Due to fireworks, crackers causes large damage in our body and in our environment, birds, and animals also.

Why Diwali celebrated?

Diwali is also called the festival of light. It is one of the most popular festivals in India. It falls in the month of Karthik according to the Hindu calendar. People celebrate Diwali because on this day Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana.
Diwali celebrates this day because of the victory of good over evil.
In this day people worship Lord Ganesh and goddess Lakshmi for getting wealth and prosperity. People also pray for their grandparents (Badabauas) with Diyas and with a bunch of jute sticks in their hands.

How is Diwali Harmful?

In Diwali people celebrate with crakers. Firecrackers contain heavy metals that toxic to the human body. It produces greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (Co2) and Ozone, which pollute the environment crackers create more noise which can damage hearing.

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Air Pollution:

• The smoke emitted by burning firecrackers make the air harmful and pollute.
• Light-emitting crackers contain potassium nitrate, aluminum powder, Zinc, etc. and sound emitting crackers contain potassium nitrate oxidizer, Sulphur, aluminum powder, and harmful chemicals.
• These causes air pollution and poisoning all of which they contact with. It contains also mercury, lead, aluminum which harmful to humans and also for animals and birds.
• It causes various diseases like eye burning, Lung damage, breathing defects, etc.

Noise pollution:

• Sound emitting crackers creates an enormous amount of noise pollution. These especially affect children, small babies, old and sick people. Animals are also affected by it. Crackers contain black powder, potassium nitrate, sulfur, charcoal, etc. These causes pollute the environment.
• Sound emit by crackers that are loud enough to cause damage to our inner ear may cause permanent hearing loss. Cracker can cause Acoustic trauma, this cause due to sudden exposure to very high sound.
• Animals and birds also effected by sound crackers.

Land pollution:

• Due to crackers, chemical Rangoli and other chemical materials used in Diwali can cause pollute the land.
• These are non-biodegradable and Toxic so these causes land pollution.
• In this day garbages like, non-burn crackers, solid waste etc pollutes the land.
• Many other damages due to Diwali poisonous gases may cause fever, skin irritation, Lungs problem, asthma, etc. children face accidents due to careless or imbalance of crackers and it causes burning cutting, etc.
• Many birds are found to death due to crackers. Dogs also affected by sound crackers.

So if we make some changes in Diwali and celebrate Diwali with sweets, Eco-friendly crackers, Diyas, etc. we protect ourselves, animals, birds and also our environment from being damaged and polluted.
Here are some tips to celebrate safe and healthy Diwali. Let’s know our responsibility towards nature where we live and also save ourselves.

10 tips for safe Diwali

These tips include how to use biodegradable crackers, rangoli and do not Waste foods, do not harm animals and birds, how to use crackers, etc.
Simple read these tips and apply them in your life and stay in Diwali.

These tips are

1 Use Earthen Lamp/Diyas:

• Earthen lamp or Diyas should be placed away from any flammable materials like woods, cloths, paper, and electric wires, etc.
• Diyas lighting and remove all the darkness
• Use earthen lamp instead of candles and electric diyas. It is very beautiful and traditionally.
• It reducing electricity consumption.
• Decorate your houses and outside with Diyas
• Place Diyas on the ground or plane surface so these are not dropped or overturned.
• Kept your pets away from diyas, which causes accidentally to burn themselves.
• Keep your house or near the Diyas close. So that small children do not slip or fall.

2 Use Eco-Friendly Rangolis /Flowers:

• In your, Diwali use eco-friendly colors or flowers to do rangolis. Do not use chemical colors. These are harmful to you and animals and also to the environment. So use natural products like rice, flowers, leaves, pulses, turmeric, etc. These are harmless.
• In olden age, rangolis was made to feed the birds because of the use of rice and pulses. It is sharing food for birds and small creatures around us.
• Use of flowers and leaves for rangoli, you can use it the next day for your garden as compost.

3 Use Recycled Decor:

• There are much unused and waste material available in our surrounding. Use these reusing materials in innovative ways to create beautiful products and decorate your home, which is good for the environment and saving your money and energy.
• Through waste paper make packets, colorful wall hanging .waste CD used as a lamp, paint old glass bottles, etc.

4 Keep Your First Aid Kit Within Near:

• During playing crackers or enjoying Diwali your kids may minor injuries.
• So always keeps a first aid kit near or handy. In case of minor injuries, burning, you can immediate medication and take care of your health and also reduce your accident.

5 Use Green Crackers:

• Use Environment-friendly crackers or green crackers, which is good for your health and also for the environment.
• Normally crackers contain much chemical material which can cause diseases and harmful to humans, animal, bird, and the environment. So avoid the use of these types of crackers and use Eco-friendly crackers.

6 Use Crackers Safely:

• Use fireworks only outdoors.
• Move away quickly before the cracker bursts.
• Buy firecracker from authorized shops.
• Be alert while lighting or watching fireworks.
• Instruct your children do not touch firework, if not burning.
• Not to lighten more than one cracker at a time.
• Should not be left your children alone.

8 Put Cotton Clothes :

• Put cotton or comfortable clothes during Diwali celebrating. It keeps you and your children safe. If during lightening crackers accident occurs, cotton clothes do not easily catch the fire .so it is safety for you.
• Avoid wearing synthetic material clothes that can easily catch the fire.
• If you putt on dupattas or long saree, be cautious which causes fire brush with diyas.

8 Safe Your Pets:

• Like humans being animals also damage Diwali crackers. They
• Scared because of crackers sound and also confused to run horribly. So keep your pets in a protected area from outside noise.

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9 Eat Safety Food:

• In Diwali, many people eat sweets, different types of food. Which some are healthy some are unhealthy. So buy sweets or other food items from reputed shops.
• Avoid eating street food which is unhealthy.
• Always covered your food.
• Eat food or sweets after washing your hands and children also.

10 Water Bucket Kept nearby:

• Fill a bucket of water should be kept nearby to reduce the fire accident.
• A fire extinguisher kept near, in case of any emergency.

There are healthy and safe tips for Diwali which are helpful for you. These small tips save many animals, birds, and environments. Enjoy your Diwali without any harm, injuries, and pollution.

“wishing you all a very  safe and Healthy Diwali’

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