How To Play Holi Safely


we can play Holi safely if we take a few preparatory steps and protect yourself from dangerous effects. Holi is the festival of colours. It is one of the most important Hindu festivals and is celebrated with much fanfare by the community, across the world.

How colour affects on Body:

During Holi, Bhang drinking, singing, and dancing, the mischief and drenching in colors are great fun. Sometimes it is unpleasant, with some people left suffering from skin rashes, eye allergies, and discolouration of hair.

Play Holi Safely

Holi colors were traditionally made from herbs and spring flowers, in fact, such colours actually had some therapeutic value. But nowadays chemicals and industrial dyes, some toxic, slowly replaced flowers and herbs.

These colours can cause some serious damage to skin i.e itching, irritation, rashes, eczema, and dryness.

These synthetic colours may have a dangerous effect on your body, skin, hair, and eyes.

With a few preparatory steps, you can protect yourself from synthetic colours and dyes. Here is a list of tips for your healthy skin and hair.

As you get ready to have all the fun, you make sure to follow these Holi tips before the colour game begins and stay safe.

Pre Holi care Tips

Safety is the most important aspect for Holi celebration that should never be compromised you need to consider a few safety precautions and stay safe.

  1. Skincare

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and it is important to protect it from colours, which often contain an ingredient like lead oxide in black colour, mercury sulfide in red, Aluminium bromide in silver and copper sulfate in blue or green. These can easily penetrate the skin to cause various health problems.

So we must aware and take some precautions to save our skin.

a. Cover most parts of your body:

Wear long sleeves and full-length high neck or bottoms dress to protect your skin. Make sure the maximum part of your body so that three will be less of skin exposed.

Preferably wear full-sleeved shirts, trousers or denim.

b. Apply sunscreen, cold cream or oil to your body:

  • Apply a generous amount of moisturizing lotion or oil to your face, arms, legs and exposed part of your skin to prevent from skin irritation, burns caused by harmful colours.
  • The combinations of colours and sun are also harmful so you must use sunscreen lotion on your skin to avoid tanning.
  • Coconut oil or almond oil is a wonder for your skin. Almond oil is the reach of vitamin E. it provides nourishment to the skin and acts as protective larger between skin and colours.
  • The grease and slipperiness of oil will not let the harsh colour settle deep into your skin.

C. Use  Heral /organic or homemade natural colours:

How To Play Holi Safely

Try to make colors at home using turmeric, marigold flowers or herbal colours, else buy herbal formulations.

Use more light red, pink colours which look good and can easily be taken off. Avoid bright purple, green, yellow, orange and deep colours as these are more likely to contain harmful ingredients.

Avoid artificial colours which prepared by chemicals. These could cause severe health complications such as eye irritations, skin allergies etc.

d. Apply nail paint:

Apply a thick coat of dark nail paint, preferable the darkest colour possible and remove it after playing Holi.

To keep your nails safe from the dangerous effects of colours you should apply nail polish on them and also trim long nails.

e. Beware of cuts and wounds:

  • If you have already an open cut or wound on your body before Holi, do use a band-aid so to avoid the entry and absorption of any harmful chemicals.
  • Get a tetanus injection in case you have not taken one in the last 4 to 5 months.
  • Clean with an antibacterial lotion to avoid absorption of chemicals.
  • If while playing Holi hurt yourself immediately wash that particular area and put ice on it. Clean with antibacterial lotion and Band-Aid it.

f. Don’t stay in wet clothes for long:

Make sure you don’t stay in wet clothes far any longer than 2-3 hours.

Staying in wet clothes for long can lead to rashes as prolonged moisturized skin and wet clothes also lead to the seeping of colour in your skin easily.

It can harmful to your skin so try not to be draped in your wet clothes for long to protect your hair and skin in Holi.

g. Stay hydrated:

This is a very effective way to curb the side effects of playing Holi and its colour.

While playing Holi, being out of your house for a long time, you forget to drink water. As a result, your body becomes dehydrated and skin becomes water-deficient that causes tans and energy level also get down.

Stay hydrated by drinking water. Water Keeps the harmful chemicals from being absorbed into the skin and also helps get rid of excess toxins.

Since Holi falls in a summer month, so it is essential that you drink enough water to stay hydrated.

2. Eyecare in Holi

The eye is the most sensitive part of your body. It is most important to protect your eyes while playing Holi. We must play Holi safely.

a. Wear protective glasses:

While playing Holi, protecting your eyes is very important so wearing even an old pair of sunglasses is a good idea.

If colour enters the eyes, immediately rinse them with cold water.

b. Remove contact Lenses:

If you wear lenses, make sure you remove contact lenses before stepping out to play Holi. If possible protect your eyes with protective eyewear while playing Holi.

c. Avoid touching your eyes or rubbing:

For playing safely Holi, The most important thing to remember is to avoid touching your eyes or rubbing them as it may cause irritation or vision loss.

How To Play Holi Safely

In case colour enters your eyes, wash them immediately with cold and clean water.

Always apply coconut oil beneath your eyes. This allows to remove the colour easily and keeps the eyes and the area beneath it protected.

3. Hair Care

Synthetic colours of Holi dry or wet contain harmful toxins or chemicals that can make your hair dry and frizzy. You need to take extra care of your hair so that these festival colours does not damage your hair.

a. Hair massage with oil:

Before playing Holi it is important that you apply a good coconut hair oil over all the length of your hair as well as massage your scalp thoroughly.

You can use any other oil too but coconut oil best for your hair. The oil act as a protective covering layer to your hair.

Before Appling, the hair oil, add few drops of lemon to the hair oil. The lemon will act as a barrier, which helps in keeping the toxins from the colours from damaging your hair.

b. Cover your Hair or braid them:

Open hair soaks more colours and scalp also gets affected when it is open.

Those who have long hair should braid it or tie up it .so that all the hair do not get exposed to the colour stains.

If you have short hair you should wear a cap scarf or cover your hair. This will protect your hair from all colours which contain chemicals.

Don’t use any hair accessories while playing with colours when the hair gets wet. It becomes weak from the roots and the accessories pull it off.

4.Other Cautions

Wash your hands every time you touch food or avoid you finger to eat.

Avoid using your finger to eat because colour getting into your system through food. Which can infect your digestive system?

So you should wash your hands properly every time you reach for the foods.

Cover your food

Holi colours are in the form of fine powders, they often tend to get mixed up with fruits, nuts sweets, and foods that you put out gusts. Make sure you keep your food covered which is healthy for your body.

Avoid Running and Jumping on wet floors

Avoid Running and Jumping on wet floors so that you don’t slip and injure yourself. Avoid spilling water on the floor and prevent from running on wet floors as this may result in injury.

  • Do not drive or ride if you have consumed any hallucinogens.
  • Never spray the colourful water on your neighbor’s vehicles, walls, and other commodities.
  • Respect all forms of life and avoid putting colours on street animals and pets. It is extremely harmful to them.

Holi care Tips

Once all the celebration gets over, comes the real problem of removing the colours from your skin, nail, and hair. It is not only important playing Holi safely before but stay safe after Holi also. There are some tips for skin, eye, Hair to avoid damages after playing Holi.

Never rub your face or body for forcibly to remove colours:


Once you have enjoyed playing Holi comes the most difficult part of removing colour from your skin.

Never rub your face or body forcefully to remove colours. It will cause more damage to your skin.

Don’t panic of the colours don’t get off it will come off eventually with each shower.

Use kitchen ingredients to remove colour:

Avoid using harsh chemical soaps to get rid of colour from your skin. Use ingredients like wheat flour powder and lemon gently remove the colours.

Use Homemade Remedies:

Avoid the use of soaps or face washes as they are alkaline in nature, they will dry your skin.

Make a homemade pack using curd, turmeric, honey, and besan for clean the colours. It moisturizes your skin and fights against infection.

If there is itching after playing Holi, add 2 tablespoons vinegar to a mug of water and use it as a last rinse. This reduces itching.

First dust and then wash:

After playing Holi first dust and then wash off the loose colours from your face with plenty of plain water.

Instead of soap use homemade remedies, the colour coming off much easier.

Use cold water to remove colour:

Use cold water to remove the colour from your skin post Holi. Because warm water will be made the colours sick to your skin and difficult to remove.

Avoid cosmetic scrubbers:

Avoid cosmetic scrubbers as they would make your skin rougher. Use mild natural products to clean or scrub your face.

In case you are scrubbing your face post-Holi once, it is enough for your skin. Do not go for scrubbing 2 or 3 times a day.

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2. Holi Hair Wash Tips

After playing Holi, first dust off the excess colours from your hair. Then wash with plenty of plain water and use a mild cleanser like soft and silk shampoo to get rid of the colours.

For wet colours first, rinse hair thoroughly with cold water as it removes the colours easily then use mild natural shampoos or baby shampoos as they were gently free from chemicals.

Do not try to massage shampoo harshly to take off the colour from your hair. It may take a few days to take it out completely.

After a hair wash must apply a thick layer of conditioner or a serum all over the length of your hair. Do not apply conditions on your scalp so that damage caused by friction of crystal materials from the colour.

Use Home Remedies.

Soak fenugreek seeds in 4 tablespoons of curd apply to the scalp for 30 minutes. Then wash your hair.

After wash, your hair with mild shampoo makes sure that you apply lemon juice to hair and scalp. This will restore the essential acid-alkaline balance in your hair and scalp.

Apply hair oil after the hair dries because the hair remains hydrated and do not lose its moisture. Other hand applying oil would nourish the scalp.

3. For Nails

  • As much as it is important to keep your skin and hair free of colours, it is equally important to keep your nails colour free too.
  • Remove your nail paint which applies before Holi. Then take a half lemon and apply the juice for at least 14 days. The citric acid present in the lemon will clean your nails and will take the colour off too.
  • Don’t apply nail immediately after you get the main cure done. This will not let your mails breathe and can make them yellow.

Use Eye Cream to clean Eyes

  • After all, the exposing to sun and harmfulness and toxic elements flying in the air all throughout the day, our eye really becomes stressful.
  • It is important to apply a good and efficient eye cream full of vitamin E before dozing off to sleep. This will make you feel fresh in the next morning and will clear dark circles and patches overnight.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol

During Holi some people take drinks like bhang when consumed in large quantities can lead to increase blood pressure and hike in heart rate. Drink moderation and avoid drink mixing it with alcohol which is dangerous for your health.

There are healthy and safe tips for your skin, hair, eyes before or after  Holi which are helpful for you. Enjoy your Holi without being worried about your skin, hair, eyes, and injuries.

“wishing you all a very colourful, safe and Healthy Holi’

Thanks for Reading.



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