Importance of water in human body


Importance of water in the human body. water is the most important substances on earth.  All plants and animals must have water to survive. If there was no water there would be no life on earth. let us discuss the importance of water in the body.

Importance of water in human body

The human body contains about 70% of water, which is greater than 2/3(two-third) of the weight of the human body. The Brain is 75% water, Blood is 83%, Bones are 25% Muscles are 75%, Lungs are 80%, Kidney 85%, Heart 78 % and skin 70% of water.

After oxygen, water is the most essential element of human life. The human body needs water to survive. Every system in the human body depends on water to function. Our body uses water in all its cells and organ system.

Water is involved in every bodily function from digestion and circulation through to the control of body temperature and excretion of waste products.

It is important to rehydrate by drinking fluids and eating foods that contain water. Drinking water helps maintain the balance of bodies fluids.

There are some important functions of water in our body are:-

Transport of Nutrients:

Nutrients and minerals dissolve in water which makes it possible for them to each different part of the body. Water delivers nutritional elements such as minerals, trace elements and vitamins to the cells through the blood. It delivers nutrients such as glucose, sodium, potassium and amino acid to our tissues for cell life and function.

Regulate blood temperature:

Water has the ability to release heat from the body when sweat evaporates from the skin’s surface greatly helps to maintain body temperature.

Water has a large heat capacity which helps control body temperature and allows us to adapt to changes in environmental temperature. It the environmental temperature increases above body temperature, the body begins to sweat. Sweat evaporates off the skin surfaces which releases heat and cool the body down efficiently.

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water is Protects tissues and joints:

Water helps keep sensitive tissues such as Eyes, Nose, Mouth, and Brain moist.

It also functions as a lubricant and cushions joints like your spine and knee. So they can easily move against each other. It also involved in the productions of hormones and neurotransmitters.

Adequate water can helps keep your joints well lubricated and can help prevent gout attacks.

Drinking water can stimulate our production of synovial fluids, reduce inflammation around the joint and encourage the growth of new cells in the cartilage tissues.

Promotes healthy weight management and weight loss:

Importance of water in the human body

Water is 100% calorie-free, helps you burn more calories and suppress your appetite If you consumed water before meals. Water aids in the removal of fat by production and also helps you feel more full. It acts as a natural appetite suppressant and it can also improve metabolism.

It boosts skin healthy beauty:

Water helps replenish skin tissues, moisturizes skin and elasticity in your skin. It can also plump skin up a bit, reducing signs of aging.

Drinking water balances the natural oils sitting on your face with moisture. Water helps rid the body and skin of toxins. It hydrates your skin and keeps your skin from drying out and cracking. Drinking water will hydrate your skin and makes you look radiant, healthy and beautiful. It can lighten your skin.

Maintaining blood volume and waste removal:

Water is the most important main components of the human body. it blood and essential for transportations of nutrients, minerals, and removal of waste in the body. Blood delivers nutrients such as sodium, potassium, iron, amino acids and glucose to our tissues for cells life and function. Blood also carries toxins and waste products away from our cells to our kidneys and liver for filtration and removal. The kidney regulates how much water we excrete or conserve to maintain blood volume and concentration. So water is most important for our body.

Chemical and metabolic reactions:

Water molecules are consumed during the digestive process as they break down complex foods into units that are easier to absorb certain metabolic reactions creates water in our bodies.

Water participates in many important metabolic reactions. These occur in the body known as “hydrolysis reactions”. These reactions break down the carbohydrates, fat, proteins in our food, then our body can use them for energy and create the building blocks of life.

Relieve Constipation :

Constipation is related to dehydration in the colon. Constipation occurs when the contractions of the colon are too slow, which causes too much water to be drawn out of the stool and results in infrequent bowel movements.

low water consumption appears to be a risk factor for constipation in both young and elderly individuals.

By drinking about 6-8 glass of water carbonated water shows particularly promising results for constipation relief.

Prevent and treat Headaches and Migraines:

One of the most common symptoms of dehydration is headaches. Dehydration can trigger headaches and migraines in some individuals. Water can relieve headaches in those who are dehydrated. If drinking plenty of water you must get relief from headaches and migraines.

 Drinking water during a headache and migraines attack can help it from getting worse and can make it go always if it was caused by dehydration.

It helps in Digestion:

benefit of water in human body

Water and other liquids help breakdown food so that our body absorbs the nutrients. The bowel needs water to work properly dehydration can lead to digestive problems, constipation, and an overly acidic stomach.

 Drinking sufficient water boosts your metabolism and helps the body properly breakdown the food and our body easily absorb the nutrients water also softness stool, which helps prevent constipation.

Drink one glass of water 30 minutes before a meal to help digestion foods. Remember not to drink immediately before or after a meal as the water will dilute the digestive juices, which is harmful to our body. Drink water an hour after meals to allow the body to easily absorb the nutrients.

Water prevents kidney damage and treats kidney stones:

Water helps the kidney to remove wastes from your blood in the form of urine. Higher fluid intake increases the volume of urine passing through the kidney, which dilutes the concentration of minerals, so they are less likely crystallize and form clumps.

The kidney regulates fluids in the body insufficient can lead to kidney stones and other problems.

Urinary stones are painful clumps of minerals crystals that form in the urinary system.

The most common form is kidney stones, which form in the kidneys. Water may also help prevent the initial formation of stones and other problems.

Kidney trap extra fluids for bodily functions. If you are chronically drinking too little water, you may higher risk for kidney stones, especially in warm climates.

Serve dehydration can lead to kidney damage, so it is most important to drink enough water when you work hard or exercise hard and especially in warm and humid weather.

Water increases brain function/power and provides energy:

Our brains consist of about 75% water it means water is absolutely vital for optimal brain function.

All brain functions including the memory and thought process, electrical energy derived from water. Brain cells need twice as much as energy as all the other cells in your body’s energy. Water provides this energy better any other elements.

An abundant supply of water will enable you to think faster, clearer, focus, concentrate and stay alert and more creatively as well as improve your focus and also your energy level.

Water helps transport oxygen and nutrients critical to the brain for optimal functions while providing cushioning lubrications to the brain tissue.

Dehydration alters the regulation of cerebral circulation as it induces increases vasopressin levels and oxidative stress. This cause impact cognitive functions. So staying hydrated is one critical factor for supporting the brain.

Our brain depends on proper hydration to function optimally. Brain cells require a delicate balance between water and various elements to operate. So drinking water helps to

  • Improve concentration and cognition.
  • Helping to balance your mood and emotions.
  • Maintaining memory functions.
  • Boosts our energy level.

Water improves your Heart health & prevent Heart stroke:

Our heart is constantly pumping about  2000 gallons of blood a day. Blood contains 93% water, So by staying hydrated, that is drinking more water than you are losing, helping your heart to do its jobs easily.

A hydrated heart is able to pump blood more easily and allowing the muscles in your body to work even better.

Drinking water prevents blood platelets from clumping and clotting which prevent heart stroke.

A glass of water drunk before sleeping helps reduces the risk of heart attack or stroke. Drink 5 or more glasses of water per day have a much lower risk of fatal coronary heart disease.

It is important to drink water before bed because it helps improve circulation during the hours, you are at greatest risk for a heart attack.

Water helps maintain Blood pressure:

Water maintains the proper viscosity of blood, plasma and fibrinogen distribution. A lack of water can cause blood to become thicker which increases blood pressure.

Drinking water lower blood pressure and it also increase the blood pressure to help maintain the proper level.

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a very serious and common in people who are chronically dehydrated. When the body’s cell lack of water the brain sends a signal to the pituitary gland to secrete vasopressin a chemical that causes constriction of the blood vessels. This causes blood pressure to increase which leads to hypertension.

Staying adequately hydrated is one of the simplest ways to lower blood pressure naturally. Drinking sufficient water which maintains the blood pressure.

Water boosts the Immune system:

 One of the most common benefits of drinking water is a healthy immune system. Drinking water has been directly related to a stronger immune system.

Water carries oxygen to your cells of the body which results in a properly functioning system and it also flushes harmful toxins from your body. These boosts the immune system.

Water is use to clean and remove harmful toxins and germs should be free of unwanted chemicals and harmful contaminants.

Highest water that works to improve your Immun system and help you function of your best.

Drinking water relieves Fatigue:

Fatigue is one of the first signs of dehydration and It can trigger a feeling of sleepiness, changes in cognitive ability and mood descriptions. Dehydration decreases alertness and concentration.

Consuming water makes the body function efficiently. Drink a glass of water freshen up your mind and entire body before you get moving.

Water flushes Toxins:

Water consumption helps your body flush out waste through sweat and urination. This also prevents kidney stones and protects you from urinary tract infection.

Our body is able to detoxify itself in a natural manner with the use of water through Lungs, Liver, and Kidneys. So drink water is most important for your body.

Healthy Muscles:

Being adequately hydrated is very important when exercising and Hardworking.

Drinking water can actually make your muscles stronger. Water carries oxygen to the cells of your body, including those of your muscles.

Drinking water helps prevent muscle cramping and lubricates the joints in your body.

Being well-hydrated, your muscles work longer and harder before you feel tired and also help you to build muscle.

Water helps to maximize physical performance:

Importance of Water in the human body. water regulate body temperature control, reduce motivation, increased fatigue and make exercise feel much more difficult both physically and mentally. Hydration may reduce the oxidative stress that occurs during high-intensity exercise.

Drinking water is necessary during exercise to replace fluids lost in sweat. This action will reduce the risk of heart stress, maintain normal muscle function and prevent performance decreases due to hydration.

Stay hydrated:

Consuming water regularly throughout the day is important to prevent dehydration. We lose water through breathing, sweat, and urine. This is 50%of total water of our body.

The average adult requires 3-4 liter of water per day to maintain water balance and keep the body system functioning efficiently. This will vary with different environmental conditions, physical activity, and individual metabolism.

Water is the best fluids for our body because it is calorie-free, caffeine-free and alcohol-free.

I am convinced of the value of drinking enough water of all tricks,I have learned from keeping mind sharp and share with people to stay healthy and fit. If you have any questions regarding the Importance of water in the human body article, please don’t hesitate to give your comments.

Importance of water in human body article describes important information about water in our body. If you have some idea that I have missed in this article please share your feedback comments section below.

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