10 Amazing Meditation Tips for Beginner


Meditation tips are the most important factor to do Meditation properly. Meditation is a mental discipline by which one tries to attain a deeper state of relaxation or awareness.

Meditation improve the quality of sleep, relieving stress, improve the immune system, helps in controlling blood pressure and lowering blood cholesterol.

Meditation Tips

It also eliminates the negative thoughts worries and anxiety.

Regularly meditation changes your brain in ways that can help you to control emotions, enhance concentration and reduce stress.

Here are some important meditation tips for you that will helps to overcome your problems of lack of appeal and fearing and also helps you to do meditation properly.

1 fix a Time to Meditate and stick to it:

Fix a time to meditate every day. It is best to always meditate at the same time every day. It creates balance and helps you to meditate regularly.

The best thing for meditation is meditating early in the morning is that your stomach is empty.

You should try to meditate at the same time each day, whether it is 20 minutes or 5 minutes you choose. Set an alarm to alert you when your time is up.

2. Choose a peaceful comfortable place:

Meditation should be practiced in a peaceful place. A quiet and peaceful environment will enable you to focus on and avoid external distractions.

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed during meditation and avoid places that make you sleepy.

It is important to have your body in a stable position whether you sit or lay down as long as you are comfortable.

You can find peace under a tree or sitting upon some grass of a garden.

3. Wear Comfortable clothes:

Meditation Tips

The main goal of Meditation and yoga is to calm the mind.

We fell physically uncomfortable due to restrictive & tight clothing. So wear loose comfortable clothing during meditation and sure to remove your belt, & shoes.

4. Be present/do not empty your mind:

Become totally aware of your current surrounding. Our thoughts take less of a dominant role in our mind and we can become more peaceful.

Being present means having your focus, your attention, your thoughts & feelings. So do not totally empty your mind during meditation. Focus on what you do.

5. Start small  & increase your time slowly:

Start meditation with less because meditation is also hard due to sitting still.

If you are just starting out, you meditate for 5 to 10 minutes every day. Also, start with 1 minute or  2 minutes and then keep increasing your time as you get comfortable with the practice.

This is the best way to start meditation slowly.

6. Try a Guided Meditation:


Some people finding difficult to sitting still for more than a few minutes at a time.

This occurs in beginners also. So Guided Meditation helps you to overcome these problems.

Guided meditations are led by another person from 10 to 15 minutes, including healing, manifesting & going within to find your purpose. This style of you would like to enhance your existing practice or focus your energy & attestation on a specific outcome.

7.  Focus on your Breath:

The most basic & universal of all meditation is Breathing meditation.

Sit quietly and as you breathe in, imagine your brain filling with light, then exhale. Repeat this process for 2 to 3 minute and do again & again.

Focus on a point on your mind, become aware of the rising and falling of your abdomen as you breathe in and out. Do not conscious effort to change your breathing pattern.

8. Find a Group or Class nearby:

It is not easy to meditate alone at home. So finding a meditation group or class, it can provide the necessary encouragement for developing a consistent practice.

You can share your experiences with others in the medication group and also get more guidance and tips on your meditation techniques.

9. Keep a gently Smile on your face:

A gentle smile keeps you realized, peaceful and enhances the medication.

Be grateful that you had this time to yourself and that with your commitment.

If you start to smile during Meditation, it means that your mind and body started to relax and release stress.

Smiling mind is a good technique helps to balance peoples live.

10 Open your Eyes slowly & gently:

Open your eyes slowly and gently and the end of your Medication. Do not be in a hurry to open your eyes or move the body immediately

Open your eyes gradually and take time to become aware of yourself & your surroundings. Then slowly move your body.

Once you practice meditation, you will experience a quieter mind, a more open heart & a sense of inner happiness and freedom.

There are some important medication tips that help you to Meditate properly and stay Happy & Healthy. Follow these tips and apply in your daily life and share in the proper channel.

If you find any interesting research not mentioned here, please leave a comment in the comment box and  I will include it.

Thank you for reading.


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