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New Born Baby Care Tips are most necessary for all parents to protect their children from any difficulties. Most parents are concerned about which type of childcare is the best for their children.

Taking care of a newborn is difficult if it is your first time. For your awareness, you will get all kinds of advice from everywhere or everyone about newborn baby care who has experience or from the internet. If you do this with your own interest, it is one of the most wonderful and rewarding experiences of your life.

Here, we provide some tips for baby care tips that will help you and awareing you, through which you easily take care of your child. The parent must decide what is best for their child and also concern with a doctor for childcare.

These tips can help nervous parents about caring for a newborn in a quick

Newborn baby care after birth

1. Feeding (Breastfeeding)

It is very important to feed the baby on time. A newborn has to feed every 3 hours. Feed a mother’s milk to the baby because it supplies all the necessary nutrients in a proper proportion. It protects against allergies, sickness, obesity, and diseases.

The milk is easily digested, so your child never suffers from diarrhea or stomach problems.

A baby should be fed only breast milk for six months of life.

Some newborn babies awoke at every few hours when they feel hungry .your baby will most likely take about 70-90 milliliters milk each feeding.

2. How to Hold your new born baby

Your baby’s muscles, bone heads, and neck are not strong .so when you hold your baby be careful and please attention on supporting your baby’s head, neck while holding your newborn baby.

It is essential to learn how to hold a baby properly.

(A). Support your Baby’s Head and Neck

Support your baby’s head and neck with your hand when carrying the baby upright or when you lay down your body. Baby’s head is the heaviest part of her/ his body so it needs careful support. Use your rights hand on the body’s neck and the other hand is up the baby’s bottom. Hold with your arm.

(B). Try to Chest-To-Chest Contact

Hold your baby, close to your chest make sure that your baby’s head is facing to your backside so that baby can easily breathe.

Your left arm supports your baby and right-hand support baby’s head and neck.

(C). Face to Face Hold

Place left hand behind your baby’s head and neck. Put the other hand under the baby’s bottom. Just below your chest, you hold your body, out in front of you.

This position is a good position when you easily interact with your baby.baby care after birth

3. Bathing

Most of the parents worried about the baby’s bath. Don’t worry concern with your doctor first. You should bath your baby 2 to 3 times a week after the cord stump dries and falloff .clean the baby’s head, neck, scalp, hair, face with soap. Being careful not to get water into the baby’s ear, nose age and mouth uses only mild and natural PH soaps.

Use a soft cloth to hold the baby after Batting .use soft cloth or sponge to wash your baby’s face, hair, and body. Do not scrub or rug baby’s skin during bathing. Massage his/her scalp gently. Then dry the baby’s body with soft cloth or towel, put on fresh clothes.

4. Massaging

Take a small quantity of baby oil or lotion on your hand, then spread. On baby’s body and massage smoothly her whole body. It helps in soothing the baby to sleep and improving blood circulation, digestion, and strong her bone. Your baby feels relax and improve her healthy growth. So massage your baby every day for her better health.

5. Trimming Nails

In the case of a newborn baby, nails grow very fast. So that baby can scratch her won face and body. That is the way

6. Diapering at the right time

Newborn baby’s skin is more sensitive and needs to care every time. The use of diaper all-time for a baby may cause skin irritation and rashes. To restrict the use of diapers. cloth diapers are more environmentally friendly.

That is why you use a cloth or disposable diapers for safety and change diapers 10 times a day .if you use diapers check it regularly and change it be sure not to wrap too tightly around the hips. It irritation to baby change diaper frequently as soon as it feels full.

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7. Umbilical Cord Care.

The belly button of the human body is the route to providing nutrition to a baby growing inside a mother’s body. So the umbilical cord is useful till it is attached to your baby’s body. It does not create any health issues for the baby and falls off in a natural way.

Sometimes it may infect so be careful. Keep the cord clean and dry. Drier the cord, sooner it will fall off.

Don’t give your baby a tub bath until the cord falls off.

Keep the baby’s diaper folded down so that the stump can dry easily. Some doctor suggests clean the naval area with alcohol but others suggest leave the area till dried up. So you talk to your doctor which is preferred.

8. Burping Your Baby:

Burping your baby after feeding is most important. Burp is the process through which the release of gas bubbles from the esophagus out of the mouth. If you not burping your baby’s stomach, that causes discomfort to your baby. Burping helps to rid of some of the air that the baby tends to swallow during feeding.

Hold your baby against your chest your baby’s mouth or chin rest on your shoulder and you support your baby with your one hand. Then Gently pat your baby’s back.


Sleep must nest for every person or at any age. Every baby has a different sleep time. But there are very short time segments. A newborn baby sleeps much of the time. As he/she grows, the sleep time slowly decreases in the day time and increases at night time.

Newborn baby sleep 8 to 9 hours in the daytime and about 9 hours at night. The duration of sleep 40-45 minutes at a time.

If a baby sleep more time, you may need to wake her/him and feed him/her in every 3-hour duration .you also remember alternate baby’s head position during sleeping because prevents the flat of the head  

A mother should try to sleep or naps along with the baby for feeling peace/fresh at another time.

10. Wash your hand and Never shake your baby

A newborn baby’s skin is more sensitivity. Their immune systems are not fully developed.so you always try to wash or disinfect your hand before holding your baby.

Never shake your baby vigorously, it causes the damaged the internal organs of baby do not through, do not pull her hand his/her bone not strong and their muscles also not be strong.

These steps help parents care for their newborns with confidence.  I hope these tips are helpful for you and make your work easier with confidence.  If you have any useful tips please leave your feedback in the comment section below.


Q. How do I clean my baby’s belly button after the cord falls off?

 Ans-Use a washed cotton cloth corner and smoothly clean baby’s belly button.

Q.When does the Umbadical cord fall off from baby?

Ans-It will take one week to four weeks to fall off from baby after baby’s birth.

Q. How can I relieve my baby’s gas?

Burp your baby’s (tap baby’s back), massage your baby’s belly smoothly, and try to feed in a short time can reduce baby’s gas.

Q. What foods improve breast milk?

Ans-Green vegetables like raw papaya, carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, been, nuts, oatmeal, and fennel are helps to produce milk.

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